Orders management page optimization

Orders management page optimization

Addition enables maximum acceleration of work on management and order fulfillment.

By using javascript libraries such as:

  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • jqGrid
  • fancybox
  • TinyMCE version of jQuery

achieved a perfect solution for your osCommerce store.

Capabilities added:

  • tabular view of procurement
  • view more pages without having to reload the procurement side - all the action takes place in the background
  • Order search by: Order ID, customer name, tax identification number, company name, email address and date of order
  • Filter orders by order status
  • Sort Order by: Id order, Customer Name, Date of order
  • Enable / disable the selected fields of the table view
  • available fields in the view: order ID, customer name, customer ID, e-mail client, customer phone number, company name, VAT number, amount of order, date of order, order status, shipping method, payment method, Action
  • can select the number of orders shown on one side of 10 to 100 entries
  • deleting multiple orders at once
  • review of multiple orders at once
  • change the status of multiple orders at once
  • preview of the selected order by double clicking on the selected order
  • filtering by date of order has been enriched with a calendar
  • mails sent to customers after renovation contract contains code
  • Stencil design the content of an email order updates

Appendix is available for all versions of osCommerce ShopAbout (except 3.x). If you buy for stores oscGold and eShop-os please contact us for individual prices.


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